Support that Works

Solve the Equation
Get Unstuck
Knowre presents an initial step to get students started. Students show what they know or don’t know by interacting with every step. They receive immediate feedback.
Support at Every Step
Walk Me Through steps are supported by short videos that provide bursts of targeted instruction.
Support at Their Level
If necessary, the Walk Me Through can dive deeper into more pre-requisite concepts.
After using the Walk Me Through, students double their chance of success when reattempting skills.

Making the Critical Difference

Learn how Knowre’s Walk Me Through has transformed the classrooms of these teachers.
Knowre empowers my students. When they are struggling with a problem, they know to use the Walk Me Through first before asking me for help. It breaks problems down into their more manageable sub-skills, just as I would if I was working with the student individually. Read More
Rosalind KlineHinsdale South High School
Knowre’s support features give my students a sense of ‘safeness.’ Some of them have faced many challenges in their lives and having any kind of consistency or something to always fall back on is rare. It helps them build confidence as well as their independent learning skills.
Read More
Julie HornerVenture High School